Child And Adolescent Obesity Clinical Guidelines

Guide to clinical child and adolescent obesity This clinical practice guideline is an aid to decision making in health care. It is not mandatory or replace clinical trial of medical personnel. Preventive interventions in schools: Schools should promote physical education and sport within and beyond. Schools should include educational programs aimed at improving diet, physical activity and decreased sedentary lifestyle, including family and academic staff. School-based interventions must be maintained over time, along the school years and continued outside school. Food intake in school should be healthy, including variety of fruits and vegetables and foods low in fat and sugars. It recommends the implementation of multidisciplinary interventions in colleges and institutes to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among children and adolescents. At school you must create an environment healthy diet, reducing accessibility to high-calorie foods (vending machines) and facilitating the consumption of healthy foods. It recommended the promotion of physical activity in children and adolescents through interventions aimed at more than one area (school, family, community), and including environmental interventions. Both families and staff working in school should be included in school health education programs.It is recommended promoting activities in schools aimed at reducing the time spent watching television, playing video games, computer or mobile phone.