Beer Carousel

Now a round revolves around fresh beer. The beer Carousel is the new innovative hosting concept. A guest magnet and eye-catcher in every dining and a distinctive feature for all kinds of events. Designed for up to ten people, the carousel consists of a unit from the base plate, bench and table, can – revolving around the rigid tap in the middle of the table simply by muscle strength of guest – by holding on to the railing. The tap of the carousel is fed by a cable on the inside of the leg.

The operator has the option of either an existing power line to connect the beer carousel or use a separate dispensing system with coolers. The possibilities of the beer carrousel are varied: whether as a rental property for breweries, beverage and event agencies, as a special highlight for larger events or group meals in the traditional gastronomy. The carousel is available as a fixed installation or as a separable and therefore completely mobile Variant. As well is the next football highlight soon upon us. The European Championship is 2008 kick in Basel on June 7, 2008. Now this is the beer Carousel is ideal: any public viewing or any transfer in a dining establishment is even more attractive for guests and customers by putting up a beer carousel. Always a fresh, even draught beer and football – what you want more? All other information on the Internet at contact person: Hans Jurgen Hameed Meisenweg 2 86420 Diedorf phone 0 82 38 – 95 92 27 fax 0 82 38 – 95 92 28.