Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing in the last 10 years have become incredibly popular in all cities in Russia and especially in Moscow, which is a center of ballroom dancing. In Europe, everyone feels obliged to have an idea of ballroom dance, to be able to waltz and foxtrot, it taught ballroom dancing since childhood. In elite holiday homes ballroom dancing – a favorite holiday entertainment in the evenings, ladies wear evening dresses, knights in tuxedos, and the sounds of tango and foxtrot does not fall silent until midnight. Our dance school for those who have not yet had time to learn ballroom dancing, but want to join the beauty. To ballroom dancing lessons we learn to listen to the rhythm and move to the music.

You will receive unique positive emotions and good mood! Ballroom dancing in itself exclude the fiery rhythms of Latin and the elegance and romance of a European program. Latin American program of ballroom dancing is Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Passadobl, Jive. The Brazilian samba is a carnival, ecstasy, glow, hot countries Even the name is clear that the homeland of the ballroom dance – Brazil. Ballroom Dancing Cha-cha-cha – originally born as a gay guys, social dance, which is in the 60's dancing at discos, the main rhythm and live communication with a partner. Cuban Rumba at all times considered a dance of love – her romantic, passionate music just will not leave you indifferent.

often used as a wedding dance. Passadobl – Spanish dance. By tradition, a partner in it plays a role torreododa and partner – the cloak. Very emotional, dynamic, and character dance. Jive – a cheerful, rollicking, rock-n-roll twist + + pig = jive, vital, energetic, joyful dance. European Programme for ballroom dancing – it's romantic, sometimes sad, sometimes sad, very beautiful slow waltz; Passionate Argentine tango; Forever young and beautiful Viennese Waltz, an elegant and aristocratic Slow Foxtrot, and fun, frivolous foxtrot. Dance – it is happiness, this life is love!