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The Romantic

This is the tragedy of art, but oddly enough, and its viability. Rise of a new tale. "The new songs came up with life." There is a cyclical process, one for all and from all to one. "O people, you're wrong." Of course, this is a struggle and not without loss, but We, the people, in other words still do not know how. Russian art in general has a romantic orientation, it is a reflection of our Russian mentality, mentality and messianic character of our people.

Living in a dream is good and bad at the same time, but why people are always at the beginning, at the threshold of a new discovery. In our history, something like this has been particularly enjoy this ancient art. This is where the romantic pap worked in full force, creating image of an ideal, a utopian human, the spiritual leader. Tale so with such force worked on the reality that in many respects are translated into real life. The quest for an ideal society, it was with tremendous force and persuasiveness. Religion, Utopia was a social theme, which relied Bogomazov, icon-painters in the expression of their deepest beliefs, personal utopias. Focused on the man, he was humiliated, he had to be rescued.

There were corresponding ideal images. Worked self-preservation of the people. Now need to save everything, from the nature of man, the man from the disturbed nature of man from himself and his civilization, etc., etc. That's new – the eternal theme of salvation in terms of the new – old romanticism. Desire to live is stronger desire to die, I think. That's why the search for the ideal should not be stopped. For healthy living must constantly offer new, even if it do not want on the one hand, and wish him, on the other hand, despite the civilized hunted. "Do not leave the effort, the maestro did not remove his hand from his forehead" (B.

Psychological Portraits

It all started when he met the woman discovered the … Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck three years ago ("The Lives of Others"), I immediately remembered his name. And that's not the Oscar for best foreign film – something I learned only later – and a remarkable power transmission of the atmosphere of hopelessness that prevailed in the totalitarian GDR truthful psychological portraits of characters: men and weak, and strong, broken conformists or persistent opponents of the regime. And if the director is, moreover, no darning to 10 films a year, his new works are waiting with bated breath. His new project in this regard is surprising: and declared the genre and plot, and suddenly the star the cast, producers, budget – everything is mainstream, such as distant from the perception of the world Donnersmarck, which raised some doubts as the movie. But doubts were dispelled in the auditorium of the cinema, at As I got on the news show "Camper" in the Atrium of great pleasure. To begin with, that pleasantly surprised Venice, love and gentle awe, with which it is displayed. People who visited the town of Valentine, are divided into two camps: those who continue to dwell in the world of legendary fantasy postcard and believe that this is paradise, and those who, like me, notice the stench of narrow streets, the stench and oppressive sadness that rises from the murky green water channels, and promises himself never here to return. But in Venice Donnersmarck I want to go back, I want to see her this gorgeous and sunny.

Relaxation Entertainment in Moscow

The best way to relax and gain new experiences – to visit the theater, or better yet – go to the premieres, which are planned this season in the famous Moscow theater. The season premiere – the operetta "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss Bolshoi Theater will present 17 to March 21. This famous operetta, beloved by many opera houses, renowned conductors and singers, will be open for spectators at the Bolshoi Theatre for the first time. The play put a young director, nominated for the "Golden Mask", Vasily Barkhatov. According to him, the play combines the sharpness of the classic plot, "a comedy of disguise" and a special "opera" theme operetta. The play involved the famous Swiss conductor Christoph Matthias Muller and a team known singers.

Making the performance using high-tech scenery promises to be very effective. After her training in small stage had been closed for more than The pre-two weeks. Costumes for the characters in "Die Fledermaus" was engaged in a famous fashion designer Igor Chapurin. And on the stage Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov's 13 and 14 April and 29 May 30, will premiere of "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro." In performance are loved by many actors Oleg Tabakov, Sergei Bezrukov, Irina Pegova, Vitaly Egorov and Olga Barnet. "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" by Pierre de Beaumarchais – a philosophical comedy "provisions" which seek to have in their repertoire, each distinguished theater. The famous comedy staged by director Konstantin Bogomolov.

In the statement, he identified several different accents, which distinguishes it from traditional vaudeville comedy. Main Hero – Figaro (Sergei Bezrukov) director saw the image that is different from the famous "Figaro – here, Figaro – there." Viewers will see an actor with a complex life and character, who dreams of a happy family life. Cast intertwine the various psychological states: laughter, sadness, tears, joy. Of course, the brilliant acting, interesting plot, spectacular scenery will make an impression on the audience. Lenkom Theatre on March 25, 10 April and 12 May will present a tragic comedy "The visit of the ladies' on the play by Friedrich Durrenmatt. This is the comedy in the 60s brought the world-famous playwright. The play put the Bulgarian director Alexander Morfovym. In the script they have been some changes, mainly affected the dialogue and the characters age, they "become younger" thirty years. Spectators can enjoy a great game great actors: Maria Mironova, Andrei Sokolova, Olesya Zheleznyak and Alexander Lazarev.

Dimensional Icon

Why dimensional icon? Earthly life – this is a great happiness, and as a great miracle. Presence in your life, loved ones, finding a loved one, a long-awaited birth of an infant not only transforms your life and the world around, but it makes your heart beat nervously, anxious for them whether all the effort I make to ensure that they were healthy, prosperous, happy? How can I protect my most precious substance of the terrible threats and hazards, harsh reality that can not withstand even the society as a whole? The voice of your heart may be captured in an image, finding the divine force that could protect you dear people from harm and ills. This image – dimensional icon. Through prayer, believing, admired her knees and move your thoughts and hopes to Archetype, dimensional icon, written devout painter, and consecrated by the Church, may be miraculous. Even if the prayer to the saint patron rises without a word, the sincerity of your heart calls the grace of the Holy Spirit gives you – whether you are an adult or child – all the things that truly serves your well-being or welfare of the person to whom you are requesting protection in the image of dimensional icons. Similarly, and an infant, not yet having their own ability to contact your tezoimenitomu saint, becomes a contemplation of dimensional icons God's grace. 'Icon-painting workshop Measuring icon'