Psychological Portraits

It all started when he met the woman discovered the … Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck three years ago ("The Lives of Others"), I immediately remembered his name. And that's not the Oscar for best foreign film – something I learned only later – and a remarkable power transmission of the atmosphere of hopelessness that prevailed in the totalitarian GDR truthful psychological portraits of characters: men and weak, and strong, broken conformists or persistent opponents of the regime. And if the director is, moreover, no darning to 10 films a year, his new works are waiting with bated breath. His new project in this regard is surprising: and declared the genre and plot, and suddenly the star the cast, producers, budget – everything is mainstream, such as distant from the perception of the world Donnersmarck, which raised some doubts as the movie. But doubts were dispelled in the auditorium of the cinema, at As I got on the news show "Camper" in the Atrium of great pleasure. To begin with, that pleasantly surprised Venice, love and gentle awe, with which it is displayed. People who visited the town of Valentine, are divided into two camps: those who continue to dwell in the world of legendary fantasy postcard and believe that this is paradise, and those who, like me, notice the stench of narrow streets, the stench and oppressive sadness that rises from the murky green water channels, and promises himself never here to return. But in Venice Donnersmarck I want to go back, I want to see her this gorgeous and sunny.