The Field

This type of ndigo has a tendency to addiction, particularly to drugs during adolescence. His parents should closely monitor their behavior patterns. 3. The artist: The artist is much ndigo more sensitive and often your body is smaller, but that's not a rule. They are more inclined towards art, and be very creative teachers and artists of tomorrow. Whatever it is to be engaged in, always will be geared toward the creative side. Within the field of medicine, will be surgeons or researchers. In the field of arts, will be the actors.

Between 4 and 10 years, they can engage in up to 15 different creative activities, he devoted five minutes to one and then leave. 4. The interdimensional: The interdimensional ndigo is much larger than the other Indigos, from the standpoint of height. Between 1 and 2 years and I can not say anything. They will say: "I do not know" or "I can do that" or "Leave me alone." It is they who will bring new philosophies and spirituality into the world. They can become bullies and boastful because they are much larger and also because they fit into any pattern of the other three types. Features to identify ndigo Children: The authors listed the following features to help identify if your child is a ndigo: * Has high sensitivity has excess energy * * Is easily distracted or have low power of concentration. * Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him * He resists the authority if it is not democratically oriented * prefer other forms of learning, reading and mathematics in particular.