Northern Urals

Reserve is a beautiful area of the Northern Urals. Here is the highest ridge of the Western Urals – Tulymsky Stone (1469 meters), very beautiful rock outcrops – ern – Pupy, Munin, Tump, thunderbolt, falls to 9 meters high, clear mountain lakes, and plunging into the underground cavity of the river; little explored caves, medicinal key sources. In its original form preserved forests have never seen the ax. Impressive relic grove larch on the slopes Isherima and Tulum. The age of some of them over 300 years. Stagger the imagination subalpine birch woodland reminiscent of parks with manicured green lawns.

If the rivers rise in the mountains, over the forest belt will narrow belt of subalpine meadows. In the summer of their covers juicy grass, pleases the eye with a variety of greenery and flowers. Total in the reserve recorded 400 plant species, 122 of whom were in the province and the country's status Rare and very rare. Here, away from the people hidden holy places of the people of Muncie. And the names here speak for themselves: Molebny creek, ridge Molebny Stone (on the Mansi – Jana-Yalping-Ner – "great sacred stone") with the Gods vertices Oykoy and Ekvoy (old men and women) covered with legends Muncie. Assistant Chief Mansi god Hus-Oyka – Mountain Hu-Jay in the ridge Ant stone, standing alone is Dividing Range, composed of huge boulders. Argue that in these places the most frequently occurring anomalies: the glow of metal objects, standing on the ground, sparks and rays of light, which rises from the mountains; neponchtny underground buzz. Many more secrets and mysteries lurk in the protected land