The Church

They did it consciously, following the belief that the so- preserve a favorite child of the evil eye or damage from evil forces. In our time there was a lot of new non-canonical names, not less beautiful. Maybe we should do the same wise as our ancestors. The two names are, and people dedicate themselves to God. One name they have the spiritual and the other mundane. Dedicating themselves to serving the church and God, they renounced the worldly life, as if starting a new life, then take a new name – always canonical, as a symbol of beginning, blameless, updates. However, remember that the child's character is influenced by the sounds of the name by which he is called on a daily basis, the name under which the child was baptized, is not involved in the formation of his character. Situation is quite different from the priests and ministers of the church.

They take a different name, having already formed character, not only in the family call them mundane name, so that the new name does not change their character in such extent as may occur in childhood. Another feature: the very church minister is well aware that his real name – the one he wore in childhood, and his subconscious mind does not allow the new name impact on the character. Quite another thing when a person knowingly waives his name to alter the character and destiny. He was ready for it, he knows that his only name is the new name.