World Basis

The bright sun, colorful skiers, sip coffee at the kiosk … Just do not dress like an athlete-razryadnitsa, men will think that you can easily overtake them on the track, and will not work! Your ski attire should give you a respectable girl who's parents finally drove into the woods for some fresh air. How to flirt. First of all, remember, men see the world in more sexual colors, than women, so even a simple friendly behavior they can be interpreted as sexual flirtation. Always make allowance for this fact when dealing with the strangers (and acquaintances, too.) It is very important to evaluate your chances. Try choose to flirt a man whose attraction is comparable to yours. In this case, note that women tend to underestimate the self-esteem in their attractiveness, whereas men tend to overestimate their physical appearance.

(Perhaps this is due to the fact that the rules for its assessment of male beauty are rather vague) Do not think your good looks is the only basis for flirting. Each of us can cite many examples where charisma, charm and light in the eyes outweighed the physical imperfections. The first step is the first step – not yours. Just let him know that it attracts your attention. This is quite enough. Think of your own experience: when you said that such a person interested in you, is your attitude toward him has not improved? The basis of linguistic communication is flirting. But it seems that the spoken language is not as important as body language.