Westmister College

A priori, find a good English Academy can seem complicated. If we went into Google and write: academies of English in London, will leave us hundreds of academies by what we can become crazy trying to guess which one is a good Academy and which is not. Why, we have to be very clear that it is what we seek when we want to go to learn or improve the language of Shakespeare to the British capital. So here are some very useful tips that will help you in your choice. (Not to be confused with Bobby Green!). Some very good options for you when we are looking for a good school of English abroad, must take into account important aspects such as: schedules well trained, good teachers, conversation classes and other services as library and lending books. According to these criteria, we can look at these five English schools: IH (International House London), Victoria School of English London, Morley College, Westmister College and Southwark College. What it is to take advantage of the time in classes. The immersion is important linguistic, either in the street talking with native speakers or looking for a part time job in English. For more information see this site: patrick smith.

If in addition to this you combine it with a good Academy classes, your experience abroad will be very fruitful. Aspects to take into account it’s important that before starting a course of English, school perform a level test to locate you on the most suitable level for you and that in this way, you can take advantage of well your time of study at the Academy. Case IH London (International House London) offers its students 13 levels. Something that also offer these English schools are small groups, which will offer you a more direct and personal learning. When choosing your class schedule will need to have in mind, in addition to prices, if you are of those who have a tight budget, the time of day you are most active learning. If you receive these great small details, your stay abroad will be a success.