The Statute

(E) the minutes.-This document indicates the type of society, the statute governing it, details of the owner or partners (name, domicile, marital status, nationality, occupation, DNI., RUC) and if the capital contribution is in cash or goods. If it is in cash, you will need to submit a copy of the minutes to open an account at the Bank of your choice and deposit at least 25% of the share capital. in this case, the Bank will issue you a deposit slip. If capital is in property, you must attach the minutes a detailed report of belongings and their value in nuevos soles. Once the minutes list, must be reviewed and signed by you, your partner or partner and lawyer.

The next step is to present to the notary that it is elevated to public deed. (F) elaboration of MINUTA (objectives, purposes, activities, statutes)-the minutes is the document that summarizes the status of the society. The Statute contains the rules that will govern the society. These are regulated by law and must represent the will of their partners. To get the minutes to follow the following steps: personal data of partners, names and surnames, DNI, RUC, occupation, marital status, address, name of spouse, legal domicile of the company, contributions of social capital (capital in cash at Cta.Cte. on behalf of the company, at least 25% paid, capital assets, movable and immovable property sustained in invoices) r bring together potential partners to discuss the content of the Statute. You must you have legal advice in order to meet the demands posed by the law and understand each of the terms of the compromise. (The draft LA MINUTA must be considered: to) name, nationality, marital status, name of spouse, occupation, DNI, military book of the partners if they were natural persons or the denomination or company name and domicile if they were legal persons as well as name who or who represent them.