The Romantic

This is the tragedy of art, but oddly enough, and its viability. Rise of a new tale. "The new songs came up with life." There is a cyclical process, one for all and from all to one. "O people, you're wrong." Of course, this is a struggle and not without loss, but We, the people, in other words still do not know how. Russian art in general has a romantic orientation, it is a reflection of our Russian mentality, mentality and messianic character of our people.

Living in a dream is good and bad at the same time, but why people are always at the beginning, at the threshold of a new discovery. In our history, something like this has been particularly enjoy this ancient art. This is where the romantic pap worked in full force, creating image of an ideal, a utopian human, the spiritual leader. Tale so with such force worked on the reality that in many respects are translated into real life. The quest for an ideal society, it was with tremendous force and persuasiveness. Religion, Utopia was a social theme, which relied Bogomazov, icon-painters in the expression of their deepest beliefs, personal utopias. Focused on the man, he was humiliated, he had to be rescued.

There were corresponding ideal images. Worked self-preservation of the people. Now need to save everything, from the nature of man, the man from the disturbed nature of man from himself and his civilization, etc., etc. That's new – the eternal theme of salvation in terms of the new – old romanticism. Desire to live is stronger desire to die, I think. That's why the search for the ideal should not be stopped. For healthy living must constantly offer new, even if it do not want on the one hand, and wish him, on the other hand, despite the civilized hunted. "Do not leave the effort, the maestro did not remove his hand from his forehead" (B.