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The Boom Of Green Weddings

All weddings always involve a large organization, arises more details that one can imagine and if they are the type of people with ecological consciousness can be even more stressful. Maybe organize a green wedding, it may mean an additional expense but this effort for the environment you will filled with satisfaction and can be of good omen for your marriage. What better decor than nature!, the beach, a ranch, a botanical garden or a National Park are places that do not require flowers or ornaments that look incredibly. To avoid using so much paper for invitations and save trees sends your invitations by e-mail, this apart will save you enough money, another idea is to develop a website in which you keep your guests a day of preparations, some change, suggested and other clothing also there are places where print you invitations on paper recycled or better still, you can use these materials and make them yourself giving free rein to your creativity. In all Weddings always gives something like I remember that later ends up in the trash rather than be used, an excellent idea is something organic and alive as trees, seeds, bulbs, or flowers. You can also give an edible reminder such as chocolates. It is preferable to use tableware to excess waste that would produce disposable flatware and if at the end left over part of the banquet, you can donate leftovers to a homeless shelter. Choose a wedding dress made with natural fibers and trying to use flowers from local markets, you will not only reduce fuel emissions by transportation, but that you apoyarias to gardeners in your community. Anyway if you want to separate your desire to care for the environment extends to your guests, I suggest that you support the planting of a forest rather than table of gifts and each guest to pay for that will plant a tree. Original author and source of the article.

Time Tunnel

He was sitting in the offices of CMS, one afternoon and suddenly starts a rumor in the corridors of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo … a rumor? … he same conclusion. Yes, a strong rumor!, Said that the proof of the written examination of Medicine IV had come out before the test and that some students had obtained illegally, in that year also presided over the promotion and chaired the CMS, so I went immediately the offices of the Department of Medicine at the Regional Hospital and found the teachers actually meeting and talking to this matter, they immediately made me and I heard of them enter the report of this rumor, suspicion was based on that 80% of students who had surrendered had received very high review scores and had a group of students as their academic record could not obtain such a high note, also answered questions incorrectly suspiciously, were repeated in a large number of students, the teaching staff had concluded that the written test had been plagiarized by students and that this group would be led deferred at the time of my speech, parts of surprise, quickly raised some observations which I defended the students of which was precisely their defender.

First of all field was subjective, but subjective as possible. A poor student or a few bad students, if they could get a good result on a test, study, copy or “Champagne”, ie not accuse, but concrete and conclusive evidence. Second, in the event there is plagiarism test, this crime was not necessarily possible only by students, may have been committed by a teacher, said that, a little altered, however shamelessly mentioned that there was a teacher who met with students and even had a few drinks with them and taught medicine at that time in a post that was in Hope-top-and who was also a contract and in that time was precisely the course coordinator and responsible for test, the this …

Civil Code

when there are several plaintiffs against a defendant. Passive joinder: the plurisubjetividad is in the Party complained against, we can define without uncertainty there are several defendants, since there is only a single actor. Mixed joinder: the plurisubjetividad is given in any of the parties, i.e., there are several plaintiffs and defendants.17 For master Carnelutti: classified them into reciprocal and simple, according to a plurality of actors face with one or several defendants against an actor, well into the second category, will face more than one actor with more than one demand 18 according to the time from the moment of its formation it is classified: originating successive joinder joinder joinder native: when a plurality of subjects appear from the initiation of the process. Subsequent joinder: When the plurisubjetividad (plurality of subjects) appears after its development. In the same vein, Palacios linen classifies the joinder in originating and successive, the first present a plurality that is embodied in the postulatoria with the demand or your reply stage; in seconds: the plurality is materialized to the join the process already initiated, through the intervention of third parties in its various forms.19 The doctrine based on the wishes of the legislature seat originating joinder the plurisubjetividad comes configured with demand, in other words, there is a plurality of subjects from the beginning of the process; on the other hand: in the subsequent joinder 20 the plurisubjetividad structure subsequent to the demand, in simple terms, occurs during the desenvolmiento of the process. Finally: As the source or basis of origin, to the joinder would classify in: necessary joinder Special or qualified. Joinder optional or simple. We believe that before giving an extension to this classification of the joinder, we offer below a small synopsis of how the national doctrine makes a clear division in accordance to our Civil Code and other legislation such as the case of Chile or Uruguay compared.