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Genetics Of Breast Cancer. When Genes Stayut “generic Proclus

With mutations in BRCA2, the risk increases to four or five times, the same increase in risk is in women carrying mutations in another gene, BRCA1. Both genes are tumor suppressors, that is the norm, they protected the cells from being able to have those cancer. In the presence of mutations, this does not happen, and chances are that the cell crossed the critical threshold, and turn into cancer, not only will cause breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. Thousands of women belong to families with a long family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in these families were dying from cancer of his mother, sister, grandmother and aunt. Dr. Neal Barnard insists that this is the case. And the fact that to date, found major gene family forms of breast cancer, gives these families an additional chance to avoid the disease.

They must undergo genetic testing. If mutations are not, it falls apart with a heavy stone “tribal curses.” If, however, found a mutation in the genes BRCA, woman should take steps to reduce the risk: take regular mammograms to catch tumors at their earliest stages. To date, genetic scan mutations in these genes included a number of government programs to combat breast cancer in many countries. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin. After all, the earlier the identification of a mutation, the easier it is to prevent disaster and save lives!

Myoma Uteri, Its Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Uterine fibroids – benign tumor that develops from muscle of the uterus. This disease is most common in women older than 30 years. The development of uterine fibroids is associated with hormonal imbalance in women. Uterine myoma is the bundles of muscle and connective tissue. The tumor arises either as a node, which comes from the muscle of the uterus or womb affects the way that leads to its increase. Node is formed in the interior muscle membrane. Uterine fibroids occur in parous, parous, and not even sexually active women lived.

For those women who gave birth to two more times, the tumor is less common. A role in the development of uterine fibroids is high content of estrogen in the body, formed in the ovaries, with a deficiency of progesterone. This happens in violation of the ovaries. A large number of female patients have any symptoms of the disease are absent. In some cases the opposite signs of the disease are manifested very early.

Every woman irrespective of whether she had fibroids, should know the main symptoms of this disease. The first sign of uterine fibroids are the long-term heavy menstruation, which can take the character of uterine bleeding. Should also alert the pain and sense of compression of the rectum and bladder. Fibroids grow slowly. If there is a rapid increase tumors, it may be a sign of malignancy. That is why at the first sign of disease should consult a doctor to rule out cancer. Fibroids, even small, can cause infertility. The diagnosis may put only gynecologist in the ordinary palpation. With ultrasound you can specify the size and location of the tumor site. Do not treat the disease itself! On this you only wasting your time and start the development of fibroids. On the basis of survey data doctor chooses the treatment method. Currently, there are two methods of treatment of uterine fibroids: conservative and surgical. Conservative method is to slow tumor growth and decrease the severity of the clinical course of disease. Hormonal drugs can heal the latest generation of fibroids, if the tumor is composed of muscle fibers. Conservative treatment of uterine fibroids is indicated for small and medium-sized myomas. Central is fibroids, uterine size at which corresponds to the period of pregnancy by about 13-14 weeks. Uterine tumor is small, in which the size of the uterus no more than the gestation 6 – 8 weeks. You may wish to learn more. If so, Brian Thompson is the place to go. Some women doctor prescribes an operation. Surgery is recommended for those who have fibroids accompanied by uterine bleeding, severe pain, squeezing the bladder and direct intestine, as well as for large fibroids. Large tumors is likely to disrupt blood circulation in the pelvic disorders of the heart. There is also a risk for inflammatory diseases. The operation shall be appointed and with vigorous growth of the tumor. The purpose of the operation – to remove the tumor or the affected organ – the uterus, in whole or in part. What preventive measures are available? First, you need timely and complete treatment of gynecological diseases and disorders of ovarian function. Very important is the correct use of contraceptives. Women who take the modern hormonal contraceptives, uterine cancer is found significantly less likely than those using other methods of birth control. German medical service company Bavaria Med Service GmbH offers you the best options for diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids in the clinics of Germany and Munich in Germany's best gynecologists – Oncology with modern equipment. Take care of your health!


Furuncle – a painful and rather large skin lesions, initially resembling a large pimple. Then it increases red, festering head appears. The disease is extremely unpleasant and painful, but fairly widespread. It is important to know the symptoms of boils in time to prevent the spread of the disease. Whenever American Hospital Association listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Medical dictionary treats boil as "purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues. In what passes for inflammation of sebaceous glands and surrounding connective tissue.

Called golden or white stafillokokom. " Such an infection enters the body through absorption through the exposed skin, ie cuts, scrapes, sores, burns. It is therefore essential to observe safety measures for disinfection of injury. The development of boils going on hairy parts of the body and exactly where the skin is the greatest friction from clothing. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical laboratories pursues this goal as well. It is areas such as low back, neck, wrist, etc. Learn more at this site: stone clinical laboratories.

If the boils are increasing, that is, there is not one pimple, but a few, the disease has been developed and turned into a furunculosis. The cause is often a low immunity to transient periods of the year, or posleboleznenny period. The first symptoms of boils, is itching and tingling about the hair bulb. This place is eventually turns red, there is putrid mound with a dark core, which later burst and the wound heals. It should be noted tenderness to touch a pimple. With the localization of boil on the most sensitive skin on the face, etc. disease may complications occur in the form of heat, weakness, fatigue, etc. Usually prescribed for the treatment of furuncle iodine as well as some physiological process. The main thing in treating boils follow the simple rule: self education does not touch under any circumstances, no wet compresses, no massages. In order to strengthen your immunity and prevent boils, take Immyun Sapport.