Skin and Toxics

In the summer of suffering not only your flower on the windowsill or a stray cat that lives in your backyard. During this period, of course, suffer and you will! And it is not limited in terms of discomfort always wet or faded T-shirts Hair is constantly taken away in a bunch. The consequences of the active sun will be visible on your delicate skin. In addition to the negative impact of direct sunlight and you tormented by the very lack of air, both day and night. It seems that simply washed, you get rid of excess sebum, which interfere with breathing freely so your skin.

And absolutely do not want to apply different cosmetic products: no matting or moisturizers. It seems to be logical. But if you wash not only from day to day but from hour to hour, you are risking your skin retain moisture. Water also has a very pleasant effect on your face, especially if it contains many impurities of chemical compounds. Often it is a crude water we get from the tap. If you are familiar with the situation described above, you urgently need a cosmetic product, which will affect your skin, as a means of supporting your fluid and electrolyte balance. Yes, you're right if you say that so far have not seen such beauty products, as in Russia, and on the world market, too, this has not happened. But not so long ago, saving cosmetic set was created by Israeli experts. Israeli cosmetics from DeSheli able to cope not only with the common problem of 'summer', but also with other, equally important for our people.