Mortality is of 5%. Meningite is caused by the Infection of meninges of the brain that can be potentially fatal. Pneumococo is the main cause of meningite in adults. Symptoms sudden Beginning of migraines: vomits; sensitivity to the light. The treatment with antibiotics has that to be carried through shortly after the beginning of the symptoms or the patient it will be able to come to die. Septicemia Is the invasion and multiplication of bacteria in the blood. In this case mortality is very raised. Credit: Josyann Abisaab-2011. Normally the multiplication in a specific agency without limitation happens after accomplishes.

Other illnesses caused for the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae: Sinusite, Otitis measured, Osteomielite, septic Artrite, Endocardite, corneal Ulcer, Abcessos cerebral, Celulite. Conclusion This week the world took knowledge on the mutation of the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae causing great apprehension in the scientific community. Scientists had announced to have discovered the reason of as much difficulty with one of them, cepa 23F Spain, that is especially resistant the medicines. In accordance with the scientists it simply it modified about 75% of its genes of 1984 for here. It wants to say, throughout 27 years it became a different bacterium total and therefore it is always necessary to search new ways to fight looking for it to develop new antibiotics. In interview granted to the Site iG the scientist Nicholas Croucher explained the reason of the bacterium to have suffered the mutation: ‘ ‘ We are surpresos in quo quickly this cepa evolved. We knew before this study that it had passed for changes due to its resistance the antibiotics, but making the sequenciamento of the genome we only could observe that these changes had occurred of independent form in different occasions. Consequentemente it is if adaptando to a very bigger speed of what previously previsto’ ‘ , she finished the researcher of the Institute Wellcome Trust Sanger, in England.