Personal Development

Under current conditions in our society need new benchmarks in the pedagogical, psychological prediction of personal development. Therefore, every parent and teacher must first be a good psychologist, be able to look into the future of children, provide them older, read the secret in their portraits, guessing role in life. Using the name and place of birth of the child as the key to psychological characteristics personality, you can approach new positions to educate the younger generation, specifically the ability to develop an early age. And this assertion is not unfounded. A person's name carries a great information. Try to take the name as a reference in your relationships with others, and you'll see some unexpected horizons will open to you, how many problems will be eliminated. Since ancient times mankind kind to the name.

He was not given a reason. As a rule, it showed about the purpose of a child and was associated with the name of God, on the patronage and protection that counts. Islam knows ninety-nine epithets glorifying God (Basically the same – one hundredth – no one dares to utter), and they are names. The set of names that are used to this day, gave the Orthodox Bible. Usually they indicate the type of activity or fate of a man who wears them. Thus, virtues, pleasing to God – love, gentleness, patience, and – expressed in the names Galina ("calm") and Irina ("peace"), and in the name of Isaiah, which literally means "let God save you," embodied the hope for support Gd.