Forever Mission Possible Beautician

Hey, have not grown yet rejuvenating apples in the garden at sumacshedshego genetics scientist. But that is no reason to age! In the end, the woman can be either young, or – dead and dying, to put it mildly, too early: no end of affairs! Personally, I each year are 18 and really want to chronological age betrayed nothing. So I made friends with a beautician, as I do that all: First, a personal beautician will not "vparivayut" useless (and expensive) procedures that otherwise would lose a regular customer, and secondly, the effect of the visits can be predicted, instead of buying a "pig in a poke." In addition, my beautician is also a practicing plastic surgeon, so that after 20 years I will celebrate 18th anniversary. Do not believe me? Well, all right! Were 25! To save the youth, need to answer the question – what exactly should be kept? Memories and photographs will help to clearly look fresh. According to my beautician and plastic Surgeon, MD Adeline Fuatovna Altyeva, and I totally agree with it, especially the youth is reflected in his face. Good color, clean velvet skin, wrinkles at least – that is, the poet's dream.

I am glad that it is attainable. I'll tell you about own experience. Despite my young age (you remember – I'm 18) wrinkles fairly deeply etched into the skin. Particularly noticeable after the holidays they were when the burning sun of Thailand has made me almost indistinguishable from Aboriginal. On arrival in Moscow was to peel off the skin, peel, scratch and generally look indecent.