Blush Cosmetics

However, there are some simple tips to help you not only create the right makeup, but also to transform the created image. No role in this play, rouge, but in order to properly pick them up, one should first likely to determine the type kozhi.Esli woman has light skin, she no doubt suit ottenki.Smuglye pink or too tanned girls should stick to terra cotta, red or brown tonov.A here universal shade of blush is peachy. Another aspect that must be considered when choosing a blush, face shape is considered. On his round face blush on the cheeks should be applied to the temples, the elongated face – from the temples to cheek. The main objective of blush – it's hiding skin imperfections. With such a challenge to "cheers" to the right classic rouge or blusher, powder. They are not only suitable for every skin type, but also convenient for application.

Before using This type of blush should first apply on face powder. Such a sequence makes a more natural makeup, blush and get more natural. Furthermore it is crisp paint can be mixed is desired for optimal ottenka.Sleduyuschim type are liquid blush blush blush or a gel. These cosmetics fit more mature skin. They can not be applied on top of powder. Only clean skin, or, in extreme cases, foundation, can be considered as a basis for a new blush. The advantage of the gel is quick drying and vlagostoykost.I another type of foam are blush – Blush.

They can be applied directly to the tonal cream. They keep well in the face all day long. The downside of such a blush of instant drying, so the makeup will not be able to fix. It is necessary to correctly apply the foam – taking out the tube a small amount of blush fingers, left to face a few points. Do not hesitate a moment to quickly distribute the foam on the cheeks and temples. Apply blush, regardless of their type to care. The main thing in this case to know the rate. After all, plenty of application rouge makes a woman look like a doll. But the unobtrusive presence of the cosmetic product will transform the image and vice versa will help hide the flaws on her face. Article taken from