ACTH Treatment

The crises are frequent particularly during vigil, being able to arrive more until the hundred or per day. The contractions are brief, massive, symmetrical, taking the superior members for front and for it are and bending the muscles the abdomen. They are hipotnicas children. In principle, the diagnosis is not easy, being the espasmos confused with clicas or with consequence of I live. Another important manifestation is the mental retardation that, in good parcel of the cases, can be prevented by the precocious treatment of the picture. One says that the clinical and evolutivas alterations and characteristics of this syndrome depend on the previous conditions of the SNC of the suckling baby before the sproutings the crises.

With the maturation of the child, in general the crises diminish and disappear for return of the room or fifth year of vida.' ' Source: Had access in day 09/12/2010 2,9) Treatment the people with this Syndrome must have to better have prognostic tratamente of a medical team to prevent or to diminish sequelas of the epileptic crises: as intervention Psicoterpica, Psicomotora, Psicopedaggica and Medicamentosa, depending on the case. Medicamentoso treatment through the ACTH (hormone Adrenocorticoid). Treatment FisioterpicoFonoaudiologia, Psicopedagogia, Psicomotricidade 2.10.1) alelopatico Treatment the treatment in patients always must be folloied rigorously by a monitorially cardiac doctor and, therefore the ACTH use (adrenocorticotrfico hormone) can be found as injectable as: ACTHAR (Corticotrophin) of the Rhne Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceutical Inc. or its form of H.P.ACTHAR Gel (Repository Corticotrophin injection) used in patient with the primary syndrome being able to interrupt the crisis but can have collateral effect therefore is excellent the medical accompaniment who affects the brain of the child, the imunologico system therefore is a corticoide. Amongst 48 up to 72 hours the organism can satisfactorily answer to the treatment interrupting the crises. Therefore the precocidade of the treatment therefore more in the start is important less the crises will have left its ominous effect in the brain.