Hangovers And How To Fight It

So, if you have a headache the next morning, and it usually hurts … Limped to the fridge, get some ice, put in a plastic bag. Again for 5 minutes, take a horizontal position, attaching the head cold compress. (Just do not put ice directly on lo6 – you can burn the skin.) Within minutes you will feel relieved. The reason for the headache – the expansion of alcohol vessels. Under the influence of cold, they quickly come back to normal. If thirsty, and it inevitably worries …

It is best to drink cold mineral water with lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Tea with sage quickly takes alcohol from the body, reduces swelling. However, the chances that you succeed with a hangover drink but a very specific taste and smell of the liquid is very small. (You can substitute mint tea.) If you're on the eve and a smoke – it will help fruit juice of kiwi and orange, it will restore completely killed the nicotine supply of vitamin C. Lead to normal electrolyte balance of the body can use the pleasant in all respects 'bloody Mary': in tomato juice, add salt, pepper, and 1 egg yolk. (The things you think of the cocktail is absolutely not!) If you have a Magnesium effervescent tablets with vitamin C – just wonderful. (Magnesium binds to 60% alcohol.) You can drink a multivitamin containing essential minerals.

'Alka Seltzer' (or a solution of baking soda – 1 teaspoon to glass of water) will neutralize stomach acidity. If there are no forces well, and they, of course, no … A hot bath with lavender and rosemary – for 20 minutes immersed in water at a temperature 35-37 . This procedure increases the allocation salt by the kidneys in 25 times, the body quickly cleared of toxins and 'poison'. By the way, the Finns are struggling with a hangover, of course, in a sauna: 2-3 call for 5-7 minutes can completely withdraw alcohol. If you do not want to lie in the bath, we recommend alternating shower. Start with warm, then – and finally hot – cold, for 3-2-5 seconds, respectively. Census Japanese after water treatments do breathing exercises: for 6 seconds slow deep breath. then hold for 6 seconds breath and in the next 6 seconds – a slow exhalation. If you look not good, but what else can you look … 1. To revive the complexion, cut into slices cold apple, attach to the cheeks, a little massage the skin light circular movements. 2. The secret of geishas: wet towel in hot water, add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil, squeeze, and 1 minute, close by him. 3. Gymnastics for the eyes: within 30 seconds of movement left and right pupils, not turning his head. 4. Remove swelling with age as follows: 2 bags of black tea brewed with boiling water, cool and then put on closed eyelids. (You can also use chamomile tea.) 5. If there are no bags – take 2 teaspoons spoons, warm to hot water and slightly cool, not to get burned, at 5 minutes, then close their eyes. So, we wish you good to celebrate, but the next morning to return safely to normal life.