Treasure Map

There are very proliferation and very effective method of wish-fulfillment – a map of treasures. Who invented it and where it goes astray for years already, and maybe the century. Meets the description of such maps in the books of Mark Prophet. Very Many people create these maps and their desires are fulfilled, and often just as was depicted on the map. Mark Prophet described what he had created such a card and pasted in her photograph of a woman's appearance which he enjoyed a few years later he met a woman, an absolute copy of the very same that was in the photo and married her. John Assaraf says in the film 'The Secret', which is creating a treasure map pasted on it a picture house, which he liked, and five years later, he found that already lives in this house! An example of such fulfillment of desires big set and you can become one of those whose desires materialize. To create such a map need to take a white sheet of paper the size of a favorable split it into nine cells. Top of the south – an area of fame and high position in society, there must be placed on images of type Zepter, or other images associated with you with your success.

Bottom north of this sector career, there can add a picture turtles, marine or better picture of the building or the analog of the company where you would like to work. On the right is the west – the sector of children, place his picture associated with children if you want a child. East on the left there are placed a picture related to the family, if you want to start a family, then stick a picture here of happy families. In the south-west – a sector or cell of marriage and love, then You can paste pictures of men if you do not have enough attention or photograph of a single, if you're looking for your soul mate, or you can immediately locate a picture of happy couples. In the northwest sector of aides and travel, here you can locate pictures of dolphins, as they are considered the symbol of care or a statue Ganesh, who is also considered to be such a symbol can also be placed here photos of people from whom you would like to get help or pictures of countries or cities where you would like to visit. In the northeast sector is knowledge, there is place a picture or write the name of the pagoda school or university or courses where we would like to learn. In the southeast sector of wealth there is place a picture of money or any other that you associate with wealth. Card is ready, you now need to place it in your 'source of qi' To know where you are in apartment or room is your most auspicious sector, determine the number of your Gua and Qi respectively sector Birth After that, put your treasure map in this friendly corner of your home or room. Enjoy always conscious of his creation and the joy of feeling that you've already reached that they wish. Your desires will be fulfilled!