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Language Body

The men we are gregarious creatures. Like the rest of the primates, early humans were grouped to defend themselves and, above all, to have a structure in which to maintain a few offspring unable to fend for themselves until an inconceivable age elsewhere in the animal world. Thus was born the family. And with it developed that as strong interest in knowing the souls of others and know that someone knows and enjoys with ours. That is the source of friendship and love.

While much of the communication is vitiated by falsehoods and selfish interests, men still feel the need to really know the people and improve the way we communicate. That is the success of body language. Body language is a field of study that provides us with tools fascinating to meet our partners. If you read this article you will discover one of the most useful: the technique of wiper. Thanks to this wonderful technique of body language will know if someone empathizes with you, i.e., that It is willing to collaborate and work as a team or whether, by contrast, keeps an ACE up the sleeve or is not willing to join a team even though he claims to the contrary. Before proceeding with the technique, I’ll explain the theoretical basis that makes it work.

For this we need to distinguish between two similar but different emotions: sympathy and empathy. Sympathy allows us to feel the same as another person knowing, in addition to that person well falls us. It is a variant of the empathy that we feel towards friends, family and people with which we identify ourselves. Empathy, on the other hand is a more universal capability. Consists in the ability to feel the same as someone even though we do not know you or even though us not fall well. Empathy is an innate mimicry in the man who grows and trains with the experience, and allows us to put ourselves in the place of any other person. Therefore, if you intend to work in a team, even with strangers he empatizara with them. If you are using a computer for their own purposes, if you are going to take advantage of not empatizara with them. Body language gives us a very easy and powerful tool to measure the empathy of a subject to us: the technique of wiper. But never speak while looking in the eyes, look for the face of your partner and place yours exactly in the same axis as the other face, completely parallel to him. Then very gently, move his head according to a lateral axis, the same movement that makes a wiper. In situation of empathy and, only in a situation of empathy, your interlocutor will change the inclination of his face to run parallel to you. You can ensure their intentions by making this move several times. If the axis of his head is yours, you still both mental and physical. If, on the contrary, does not move (almost with certainty will have the face rigid and inclined to the right) refuses to empathize with you. Be careful, you want to exploit or ignore him. I am going to give a few simple duties. Make the technique of the windshield which I have explained it. Use this wonderful tool of non-verbal communication. Vera as it is capable of perceiving the empathy of his interlocutor with a staggering efficiency. Feel free to comment on any doubt or suggestion.

Medical Association

The doctors are in full electoral process wondered what do we? we want to a Dean, a President of a social club or an entertainment promoter. A hunger for change, sit on the vast majority of doctors which speaks of the great discontent by earlier, irrelevant, efforts without initiatives and leadership. There are 4 lists that postulate, we will never please the complete list, always we will have comments on such or which Member of this or any other list, this is a reality that we must not dramatize, must take into account the leader, who heads, which represents the list. So does a College of physicians? The laws of capitalism have become a product to health and medicine, and as such are subject to the laws of the market in its entirety, so much so that there is a law of consumer protection (INDECOPI) on whose web page there are a number of complaints against medical clinics, health centres, clinics and physicians. These problems already are substantial must add the parties concerned and intentional campaigns of power groups that seek to undermine the credibility of Essalud and MINSA to achieve privatization of them and to do so not repaired in Sully honors when it comes to magnify some isolated cases of malpractice, which propalan them in the media without failing to impartially investigate the fact, to go discrediting the medical exercise (the Medical Association has denounced this assertion(, even more pointed out that there is mass media interest in privatizing health services) in the Fund are economic interests and hence crash with our College, an institution that was created in July 1969 to defend the medical professional practice and the health of the population. Over the years, different directives have done little with this problem and have been diverted to social, sporting, roistering, it would be good to voters in this new suffrage review the curriculum of the applicants to discover with intellect, not politicking, or amigueras slogans which of the candidates meets the profile to fight for restoring the dignity of the medical Act, in teaching, in attendance, in research, in the social projection etc., who brings together within their qualities of leadership characteristics, to return to the College of physicians the prominence in Civil society that belongs to us, in a survey a few years ago the population voted feel confidence and credibility with doctors mostly with close to 90% (support 2002), therefore an opinion of the College will be well seen by society in the multiple problems that beset it.