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Gastronorm Containers And Their Use

Gastronormartikel indispensable helpers gastronorm containers, for commercial kitchens also GN containers called are indispensable for industrial kitchens. Gastronorm is a standard measure of container in the catering industry. Due to the standardized sizes and dimensions, as well as the robust processing, GN containers are useful helpers in industrial kitchens, canteens, cafeterias, restaurants and snacks. Standardization allows the container to stack and thus space-saving storage. Most gastronorm containers are made of stainless steel, plastic and porcelain used. While the stainless steel GN containers suitable for the cooking, the plastic containers rather serve the purpose of the storage. Grade hot and hot dishes such as Lasagna, sauces, vegetables, meat, etc. are not only prepared in stainless steel containers, but can be placed also in the same containers to the buffet.

Usually they come in the Size GN1/1 used, because they engage in chafing dishes without any problems. Chafing dishes are water baths that are heated with appropriate Brennmitteln below. That is particularly convenient because the food not be required to after cooking in the oven. The plastic GN containers are ideally suited for cold and quickly perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. There are two types of plastic containers, once made of polycarbonate and polypropylene. Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic. So, the chef has the perishable food in the eye. In the stressful everyday life it is time consuming and annoying, if you have to open each container to see the content.

There are not these problems at the poly carbonate containers. But unfortunately whatever disadvantages bring benefits, gastronorm containers made of transparent polycarbonate due to the transparency out of direct sunlight to protect. Package made of Polipropilen Milky are less sensitive to light. But are the contents from the outside, not to recognize. Here remedy color clips. With the so-called color clips you can label the container well from the outside. While stainless steel containers are ideal for stoves, plastic containers are completely unsuitable for ovens and salamanders. Vice versa, stainless steel containers should never be placed in the microwave. Only plastic containers should be used for use in microwave ovens. Standard sizes include GN1/1, GN1/2, GN1/4, GN1/3, GN1/9 GN1/6 and GN 2/1 and GN2 / 3.


Made easy and simple online buy catering ventilation in the media move news about accidents and fires. Many restaurant fires are due to lack of security or inflamed grease in the ventilation system. In Germany, there are more and more requirements for restaurateurs to ensure the safety of our guests. In the area of hygiene as well as in the area of ventilation systems. Security officers regularly check restaurants and bars, to ensure all standards and requirements. All safety requirements must be met to maintain the insurance coverage and to be in an emergency without there. But not only laws and standards are important, but the personal perception of the guests and staff plays the largest role. They trust the restaurateur that he not puts them at risk.

Accordingly, the security not only in the guest area plays a role, but also in the kitchen must be beware, where proper ventilation the largest Role plays. The selection of different ventilation systems, ventilation pipes and ventilation Motors is huge, but what is the right thing? Gastroplus24 is a ventilation shop for the gastro area. There you can compose online gastro from air purification systems to the self structure. Can be found on the home page the necessary mounting material vents for ventilation and different mounting examples for gastronomy. Therefore, establishing itself is not a problem. In the catalogue gastro Airboxes, gastro are fans, gastro tube fans, gastro roof fans and more exhaust. The gastro air supply unit is assembled from various ventilation pipes and then connected on a gastro ventilation motor with kitchen exhaust air box.

There are appropriate ventilation motor speed controller, which are very useful to have some control when and how much haze should be deducted for this engine. However, the ventilation filters are the most important. By a gastro, activated carbon filter are all odors and fumes in the end carried out there. However, subject to all ventilation systems of a high fat levels. The rising vapours settle in the plants and thus form a large fire hazard. Therefore, gastro flame protection filters are a must. In a fire, the filters prevent the flames find a way through the exhaust air purification systems and prevent greater damage. Nowadays, modern flame protection filter have an unlimited life and are priced and affordable. So there’s no excuse to risk the lives of the guests or staff in the event of an emergency. Or about to lose, because the insurance was not backed up. Each restaurateur should upgrade its ventilation systems or incorporate flame protection filter from the front in including appropriate ventilation.