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Choosing Comfort

Office partitions – ideal for organizing work space in an office environment. They can be used to divide the total area of office for a few working zones so that each employee receives "Their" small, but "personal square meters, where he will be able to work comfortably without being distracted by external stimuli. More significant isolation from outside noise allows installation of stationary partitioning. These partitions serve as a full wall, because firmly attached to the ceiling and the floor and move them is impossible. The result is a fully independent isolated space. Provision is also another kind of partition – mobile. They, unlike stationary at any point can be moved and arranged in the most convenient situation properly. These office partitions will become an indispensable option, for example, in the case of frequent crossings.

Lightweight and lean, they do not require additional efforts to transfer when you need to divide the space into a large number of jobs. Also, these walls can quickly add up and make room For example, in the conference hall. In general, what is a partition? This frame and attached to the panels, or sheets of various materials. Make them from very strong and dense "ingredients": drywall, wood, glass, plastics, etc. The surface of the drywall is remarkable for its smoothness and endurance, can withstand heavy loads, trudnovozgoraema, but this stuff is better not to be used in rooms with high humidity. If you care about health, you should choose an environmentally friendly material – panels of wood. However, the tree also does not tolerate moisture, and by its inferior soundproofing drywall.

Very common walls made wholly or partly made of glass. Glass used for these purposes tempered to his beat – will have to make significant efforts. Glass can be completely transparent or translucent (tinted, frosted). In the case of selecting glass often complement a "picture" blinds that in case of need provide privacy. In addition to sharing space, office partitions, and also play an important aesthetic function, because partition becomes part of the overall interior design and also sets the overall style of the office. A combination of different materials, the use of patterned glass, the game is color – can all help make the atmosphere in the office more attractive and comfortable. And this, as you know, always for the better effect on performance in the staff. And finally. Should pay attention to is used for fixing fittings, especially in the case all-glass partitions, since the hide and disguise it against the glass did not come out. But in this case, fasteners can be chosen so that in itself will represent a small masterpiece of design. At the same time most harmoniously with the glass look metal fittings: aluminum, brass, stainless steel.