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CROWN Launches Credit Cards

CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS starts with a challenge to competitors in the prepaid credit / debit cards co-branding market for 2010. Co-branding refers to the creation of an own Kreditkartenprogrammes for companies in their own design, in their corporate colours with your logo on the Prepaidkreditkarten. As reported by a spokesman of the company, be funded starting January 2010 all co-branding programs with 50% of the cost of implementation (set up fees) and various previously extra billable services free of charge included in the new programme offer. The performance contents, so Renate rope Berger, be significantly improved and perfected to extensions, the unique position of the co-branding giants in Europe now more clearly stand out from competitors. Absolute neutral setting up a card Web page, which contains all the necessary information of cards, an online-order order wizard provided in the future without self-promotion by CROWN. So, 100% on the corresponding company minted.

On the other hand, all cards are by default without third-party advertising sent from all over Europe in the entire SEPA zone. For more information see this site: Glenn Dubin. “Co-branding should really be a co-branding and not just an advertising medium for the implementers”, so rope Berger. The highlight, however, is the money-transfer function, which allows you to transfer money from card to card in real time. Expensive services such as Western Union are therefore eliminated. Similarly all card accounts, which can be checked online and managed, are equipped with a transfer function, so preserved or charged money via bank transfer and bill payment for example to electricity or phone provider can be used”. Above all of course is co-branding in the company’s own design. Only selected and also writing favourable partner recorded in the future in the reference list Crown, with to ensure the anonymity and uniqueness of the respective brands.

Renate rope Samuel also said that this is a clear distinction to the competitors, who could hardly wait, new success projects to publish to lure new customers who simply do not have. We trust there rather on businesses and companies who know what matters in co-branding. Because not everything is important to offer a wide range of use and it is vital that the individual components such as gears mesh”. CROWN offers two models of co-branding. One for credit cards (prepaid) and one for phone co-Brandingnetze. “Here, it is for example allows the company, even” network provider are to and to be able to let the competitors with their own display name on the phones and crafted their own SIM cards. And that sensation conditions for worldwide calls. All co-branding programs are available at now also in german.

Customer Gifts

Advertising material shop Kaisers24.com recommends lighter promotional and advertising pen Lubbenau, July 8, 2010. Customer gifts promotional should above all this: find that useful, this frequent use by the addressee, and not much cost. Therefore, the advertising material shop Kaisers24.com recommends to forego expensive experiments and prefer to use cheap and proven classics. Lighter promotional items and promotional pens are just some of the proven versatility, providing the advertising material shop Kaisers24.com. Each advertising message needs a vehicle to reach their addressees, but need to be this is not about expensive equipment or fanciful inventions”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of the advertising material shop Kaisers24.com. The wide range of lighter promotional and advertising pen promotional client gifts is for, because these things good use everyone in the sense of the word ‘ may. There are useful things with high Probability in the use of addressee are going up and that we therefore highly recommend our customers.” But not only that they actually find use, promotional pens and lighter promotional items have in common. More importantly is the fact that the mentioned media several times a day entering the field of view of the user.

Taking a pen at best several times a day at hand, a lighter maybe even every hour and even, if customer gifts promotional only in hand and sight of the user, but the advertising message by the promotional shop will remember inevitably him. Sustainable presents advertising pen for everyone, whereas turns services perhaps the question whether one should use for client gifts promotional on lighter promotional products where the most people are non-smoking? “The question can be answered clearly: definitely!” Lighter promotional items are also non-smoking a useful gift, because it lit some candles or similar. And who don’t know that even non-smokers often lead a lighter with him to help smokers in case of need? “, Thomas Kaiser continues from the promotional material-shop Kaisers24.com. Lighter promotional products as well as promotional pens have a space that is large enough to draw attention to products and services.