Medicine and health is pharmacies in all major towns and cities. You get simple drugs in the clinic of the hotels or in supermarkets. Doctor’s Office there in the larger hotel. Algae mine physician; Dr ARI Sudewa (24-hours bereitschaftsdients, German-speaking, hotel visits) mobile phone 081 23954567 or 081 23924814 chiropractor and medical massage. Dr James buist. Phone 769004. gynecologist: Prof Manuaba hospital pollination, phone 426393.Hautarzt; Dr Suwedha pindha, Jln dipanegoro 100, Denpasar, Wed Fri from 17:00 until 20:00.

Children specialist; Dr Nyoman Sugita. Chemist Kimia Farma Jln Raya Tuban 15 x. Telephone 757472, Mon/Tue / Thu / Fri from 17; 00 to 20; 00 pm. Zahnarz: Dr Sucipto Jln Dipanegoro 150 / A 32 Denpasar phone 222541, MO-Sam from 15:00 to 20:00. (By appointment).

Hospitals: Klinic BIMC (International Medical Centre, Australian clinic) Jln Bay PAS Ngurah Rai 100 x, Kuta phone of 761263. kasih Ibu: private – hospital jln Teuku Umar 120 Denpasar phone 237016. International wing Sanglah, Jln Dipanegoro 1 Denpasar phone 227911. Money, cash on Bali’s rupiah (IDR). At major banks, you can cash and traveller’s cheques umwekseln. The Bank, Central Asia(BCA), Bank International Indonesia(BII), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), are partners fur visa and MasterCard credit cards. At ATMs to get cash on Bank and credit cards with a PIN number. These machines are located in malls or on the Stasse.Geldwechsel, exchanging traveler’s checks at the Moneychanger (Bureaux de change), Hotelcashier or in a bank. Moneychanger courses often slightly better than the hotel. But watch out! Please include the received money in the presence of the money changer and please with the Kwittung. Credit card can be used to pay hotel bills and larger shops. Normally no surcharge will be charged in the hotel, a surcharge of three to five percent is common in smaller Geshaften. American Express 001 803 61-005 (toll free) MasterCard…001 803 18 870 623 (toll free) visa…001 803 19 336 294 (toll-free) tipping about a tip for good and attentive service rejoice everyone in Indonesia.