Hair Removal Procedure

Hair removal procedure has been used for over ten years. With it you carry out various cosmetic procedures, including removal of age spots, wrinkles, and with the help of an apparatus for hair removal spend fotolechenie acne. With the appearance of acne usually occurs duct blockage of sebaceous glands, which are breeding anaerobe called porphyrin. With this photographic skin porphyrin broken down and oxygen is released, which has a negative impact on acne. This procedure is called fotolecheniem. A hair removal procedure is to remove hair with light flashes.

Itself flash lasts milliseconds, for which the hair follicle is heated and destroyed. Hair removal hair removal can be performed virtually anywhere on the body, both men and women. It can also be carried out in the bikini area, on the lips, cheeks, chin and other places. For hair removal are commonly used laser or lamp light sources. Modern vehicles are equipped with high-intensity light source, which forms the flow of light in the range from 600 to 1000 nm, which is absorbed by melanin during the procedure. This method is by far one of the most painless, safe and effective, among other types of hair removal.

If look at the number and quality of hair in humans who live in different countries, different climates, we note that people living in equatorial regions at almost no hair on his body. That this effect used for hair removal. The basis of hair removal is light, very similar to the spectrum of sunlight, but only the content that is harmful ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, which is dangerous in large quantities.