Cosmetology – A Popular Modern Medicine

The natural desire to look good and take care of your health is a necessity for any person, all depending on its age and sex. Problems with the look and the skin was almost everyone. As a teenager, you may acne or pimples appear, in middle age – age spots or wrinkles. Designed to help these people is an area of medicine, which is called Beauty – whose main purpose is to regulate metabolic processes in the skin and as much as possible to delay the outward manifestations of aging. This can be achieved if the right to choose methods and drugs, appropriate season and age. In cosmetics there is nothing magical, it's hard work, in which meet high-tech products, hardware techniques and knowledge of physicians.

Today, cosmetology can offer removal of papillomas on the eyelids, lips increases, successfully treated by excessive sweating, and successfully practiced Contour and mesotherapy. Mesotherapy – the original for its simplicity and effectiveness of the method of local effects on skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, for various cosmetic changes. This is inevitable processes aging, its withering and the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring of the skin, hair loss, cellulite, acne, age spots and spider veins. With mesotherapy effective drugs are introduced in very small doses directly into the skin to a depth of 0.5-3 mm finest short needles. Lip augmentation or lip contour plastic – a procedure which consists in introducing into the skin lip injections particular action. To work on Lip augmentation using special gels are very similar to the natural structure of living tissues lips. These gels retain the natural lip line, softening and filling them, emphasizing their path.

Through this method, the contour plastic lips, they become much more expressive, soft and bulky. The use of special gels gives an opportunity to increase the lips in any quantities. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by impaired function of the body responsible for the sweating, causing excessive sweating. Now the local injection of botulinum toxin A are the most common method of struggle with hyperhidrosis. The effect lasts average of 6 months, after which the injections must be repeated. In some cases there is a need for a radical elimination of disease hyperhidrosis. In rare cases, the ineffectiveness of Botox, or in the absence of opportunities or willingness to pay on a regular basis is not a cheap product – yet another way to help a patient suffering from excessive sweating, is a surgical treatment. With the proliferation of the technology of laser lipolysis treatment of hyperhidrosis went to another level. To date, this method is recognized as the fastest and most reliable method to eliminate excessive sweating. During this procedure, which takes place under local anesthesia, using a laser ray inactivated by the sweat glands. The effect is permanent, and need not repeat the procedure. An hour later, the patient will be free.