Bone Quickly Fused

In my youth I was a healthy woman, energetic, happy and cheerful. Much time to make the day. I'm literally in the hands burned. And now, when I turned sixty, began to notice that there is no longer its former ease enthusiasm, a joy And what joy-what? So if there is something to talk about with your girlfriends, it's about the sores. Young people do not understand the old people say that they just talk: gossip so sore. But will live up to our age, remember us, elderly. And what about the sores we talk and share our recipes, so unless there is bad? Just recently I was bathing in a bathtub, was to get out but somehow inadvertently stepped on the wet floor.

Slipped and fell. Long lay on the floor. Hardly climbed, crawled to the phone and called an ambulance. It turned out I had broken her hip. Put me in a district hospital. Hip would not heal for a long time, the bones slowly fused.

After all, age is not the same. And the food in the district hospital is not so hot what. Thank God, a friend of mine – with Kuzminichna Ivanovna – do not forget me, yeah something brought me to eat. May God grant them good health! And bring me teas herbs, to better bones fused. I drank a decoction of the roots of comfrey. Vera Kuzminichna itself did it: took 1 tablespoon of ground roots of comfrey, pour 1 cup of cold water, boil and insisted half an hour. This strained broth, I saw every 2 hours and 1 dessert spoon. Kuzminichna from someone heard that this decoction helps not only to a very rapid concretionary bones and heals even bone tuberculosis. And another friend of mine, Tatiana, is a long time in folk medicine. She prepared for an unusual remedy: dried earth (rain) worm, rubbed into powder and then mix 1 teaspoon of dried earthworm powder with 1 tablespoon of honey. I saw this medication 3 times a day for 1 hour before a meal (1 teaspoon stirred polstakane warm boiled water). After such a treatment here, I quickly recovered.