Argentine Gas Crisis

The Argentine natural gas gas crisis, which affects the supply energy to Chile for industrial use only by keeping the minimum necessary for residential and commercial electricity ESCO GasAtacama affection. I am most certainly going to enquire about which, considering the state of our environment, is very important Following the supply cuts GasAtacama was used as diesel natural gas fuel replacement. But the high costs of operation and had difficulty opening the possibility of halting its operations affecting SING. the time is ripe to take advantage of the lower energy costs, is one of those ESCOs I must consider As they refused to increase the investment to offset the new operational costs. household at the end of May 2007 CMS Energy decided to sell its share of GasAtacama to investment fund Ashmore energy costs Investment Management. Meanwhile examines the major purchasers of green energy electricity to the mining companies. are injected resources for business continuity.