Vidal Basque

I agree with him that Basque is a primitive language but in the descriptive sense of the first meaning that the dictionary of the RAE: 1. Stone clinical laboratories usually is spot on. adj.. First in your line, or that he has no takes origin of another thing, since it is unknown, for the moment, the origin or kinship with other languages… I venture to think that, however, is qualified as well to Basque thinking rather than the fourth meaning of the same dictionary: 4. adj.

Rudimentario, elemental, tosco since then stated that this language is unknown universals such as tree and who lives on the basis of individuals, as if this fact is placed to Basque in a position of disadvantage compared with other modern languages. On the concepts of universals and linguistic individuals I will not extend and would refer you to the work of Chomsky, Boas, Bloomfield and other recognized linguists. I will only mention to Guillermo de Ockham: universal words are linguistic signs of individual things, created for a simple reason of practicality. As you can see, there is no reason to think that a language is better than another for this reason. Secondly, Basque has, in addition to the word arbola, the following terms zuhaitz, zuhamu, common, or zuhaintze.

Undeniable is the Latin origin of arbola as it is from the Spanish tree: arbor,-oris already that the Basque language, like all, has been collecting throughout its long history loans of different languages that have been in contact. This linguistic phenomenon is enriching and not embarrassing as Mr Vidal seeks to insinuate. I am sincerely grateful to compare us with the languages Cherokee, apache, or Georgian or with either, since all are worthy transmitters of their respective cultures equally worthy. And I still think you more to encourage his studio because for a long time was prohibited now not only use but up to the Philological and academic exercise of the Basque language. With regard to the idea that there is a dictionary for those who disregard the language want to understand it, I also applaud his initiative since I firmly believe that knowledge does not occupy place, and encourage all interested parties to consult libraries and libraries or the Internet where you will find plenty of material on the Basque lexical.