The Work

Thus we can improve the blood circulation, and this affect the work of memory. Seeing the morning in the mirror reflection, tell yourself: "Hi, my dear. I am very glad to see you. " After this greeting his eyes light up with joy, I want to smile, but it is most important. Next setting yourself up for great things, cultivating in himself the full confidence of victory. Say to yourself: 'I know that it is capable of many things and today I had an excellent opportunity to show my amazing abilities. " This bring you the undoubted benefit throughout the day. Exercise "Breath of Earth" Whenever you're outdoors, the sea, lake, next to the majestic mountains or the forest through the trees, do not miss the wonderful opportunity to strengthen its internal strength and health.

Raise your hands to the level of the head, palms outward, close your eyes and adjust to the object of nature, make a few circular motions of hands in one direction and then in another. At the same feel as the center of your palms pulsating soft warmth. Thus, you connect with the great energy of the Earth. You can stay in this state as long as you want. Then bring the hands to face. They still keep the imprint of the powerful energy of the Earth, you are connected to it.

Draw on the face hands, massage your forehead, temples, eyes, neck and head. At this point, the great strength of the Earth fills you up and charge its power. We all stand united with our beautiful planet. Consider this exercise as a hug from your mother, which always has good energy, health and love. Do this exercise often. The strength of his great Step 2. "It is not terrible bad news starts Running in Place "offers a simple way out of difficult relations with the exercise: to make a little, but regularly, and do not eat after 8 pm. That's it. Mankind has invented a great many health systems. You have a wide choice. Listen for yourself. Try this or that system and make your personal choice. The main thing that classes were held regularly. I noticed that the daily sessions of fifteen to twenty minutes a day gives the best result than an hour, but twice a week. Tired of doing one thing, do some others. Step 3. Beauty – this terrible force (Dedicated to women), "Do not contradict his nature. Do what you like and then will find happiness. " Wonderfully told, is not it? Now we have an excuse, we know that by buying a twenty-eighth jar of cream, we follow their nature. In the end, we follow our destiny, that is, doing what we like, and that's fine.