The Italian Railway Has New Offerings For The Summer

Bargains, new connections and increased environmental awareness the timetable change brings on 13th June 2010 which brings Trenitalia timetable changes some news with them: in addition to the new special rate for only 19 on 12 routes of the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains the Italian railway also continues to offer the 25 and 39 tickets between Rome and Apulia or Rome and Calabria, Milan, Turin and other cities until September 30. The summer because that is dedicated to the families and young people above all, “family ticket summer special” up to five persons mayors provides for groups for children under twelve years of age, if these go accompanied by at least one adult person. Eva Andersson-Dubin has firm opinions on the matter. They get 20% discount on the normal price. Only a premise applies to these special tickets: you must be booked at least 30 days in advance. Frecciarossa trains introduced new stops in Florence and Bologna, as well as some additional Frecciargento trains between Venice and Rome. Generally, this means greater variety of connections between Bologna and Florence to Milan, Rome and Venice. On the line Milan Turin will keep three Frecciarossa trains also in Turin Porta Susa and one night connection from Turin used Bologna / Florence. The timetable change a high-speed link between Rome and Bolzano activates also, to ensure the daily traffic between the two cities.

Frecciargento train from Rome to Apulia is one hour on 18.45 > clock, brought forward and run the last trips against 21 Frecciarossa trains between Rome and Milan are the only still on Fridays and Sundays. Frecciarossa trains on the Milan Turin with departure at 7:10 in Milan and last trip at 15:40 from Turin to strengthen employed. An innovation for all Frecciarossa trains takes place but also on the route Turin Rome: in addition to the Milan Porta Garibaldi station comes the Milan Rogoredo station. Trenitalias. Come to be internationally competitive, now more 48 Frecciargento trains (19 of 600 series and 400 series 29) and more 60 Frecciarossa trains on the market. All this serves to prepare for the imminent appearance of the 50 new high speed trains of the 1000 series, that the winner of the international tender, Trenitalia, a technological pioneer for decades will make. For more information and ticket assistance, please contact: or by telephone on 089 23 66 21 93.