The Customer Wants Solutions And No Error Messages

VoicBot brings the talk at Munich/Wiesbaden FAQ pages – self service is on the rise. What can do the customer by E-Mail or phone itself and directly, time-consuming inquiries with a call center agent saves him. And if anything goes, if you look at the so-called FAQ page – frequently asked questions. There is usually a rapid help and the way out of the current impasse. The man wants solutions and no error messages; He expects answers and no demands. Artificial intelligence is working to simulate intelligent behavior on computers, digital machines”, says Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, Director of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Green. And you can now save yourself reading the FAQ page. This is possible with the VoicBot of the company CreLog in Munich.

Expressed themselves freely and out of focus questions of a caller are analyzed by the VoiceBot and answered immediately. This option accommodates according to Crealog especially mobile users, because she are often quickly an answer expect and save time. The respective provider create added value for his FAQ – or information system when he binds a language portal in addition to the Internet information to answer the frequently asked questions on the phone automatically. Camden Treatment Associates usually is spot on. New opportunities could arise for authorities and administrations. According to the manufacturer, the sophisticated voice dialog logic that can be maintained regardless of the content is crucial. That applies to stand-alone information systems as well as for solutions that are integrated into existing speech dialog systems for automated business processes. The voice portal specialist Crealog will present the VoiceBot at the Wiesbaden voice days on 15 and 16 October.