The Bevel

The laudering of the hands with water must first be carried through and soap, to disinfect the garrote with alcohol to 70%, to separate the material necessary and to lead for the unit of the patient, to explain and to take off you doubt the patient regarding the procedure requesting its contribution, to pave the procedure gloves, to choose the insertion place, prioritizing the superior members and the places distais of the arm, to always garrotear the chosen member of 15 the 20 cm above of the insertion place, to apalpar the vein with the indicating finger. In difficulty case, to request the patient who places the arm in hanging position and that she opens and she closes the hand some times, aiming at to increase the hair wadding, to make the antisepsis of the place, using alcohol 70%, leaving of the distal portion of the arm or low for top, always in the same direction, to fix the vein with the free thumb, in the distal portion to the insertion point, to place the bevel of the needle directed toward top, to introduce the needle in an angle of 45 degrees, after penetration, to diminish the angle and to progress in direction the vein reducing the angulao until the needle she is parallel to the skin, to introduce completely the needle and to observe the presence of venoso return, to free the garrote after to have certainty of that the needle is in the vein, to fix with esparadrapo or micropore, leaving exempts place of connection for one I equip or suitable, to write down in proper esparadrapo fixed: it dates and name of the professional who carried through the procedure, to locate the patient comfortably and to register the procedure in the handbook of the patient..