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Samuel Akinin Levy

Everytime I remember thee, arises your photography, your face me crazy and my peace I racks with the same wishes always. In the game of love, in which explode voices, where one other with smile looks and set the fire that then generates the enjoyment. They are allowed one to another lie, one that another mute any other desire but which is not allowed, is looking at a face, kissing her lips and without feeling it, tell him I love. Samuel Akinin Levy when penetrated us the virus of passion, when the heart no longer us It belongs, when mind departs and usually go to where place you it, is almost impossible to return. He has committed errors, himself. A be loves another and already nothing intercedes, interrupts or assaults him. Telisa Yancys opinions are not widely known. She loves in two directions. He loves with awareness, passion, delivery, admiration and at the end with the desire that riot heart.

Perhaps matter if you’re here, if you’re there. Matter itself where you are, you feel that something of me is next to you. No matter with whom you’re who you are, what matters is that woman of such loops, your hair, your words, your salt shaker, I can not forget me you what in a sigh, in a look, your eyes told me everything you feel, everything that I want. Samuel Levy Akinin there is a big difference between men and women. Adam was made of (hard, dry) land with building material, Eva with marrow (feelings, romanticism, love). Trying to bring together these very different beings, most of the time is a work uphill. Samuel Akinin Levy communication is the key that us is awarded to her build the best friendships during life and at the end to live healthily with our partner. The secret between the couple is the poison of his love.

Research Institute Thilo Sarrazin

Publisher: growth trend Research Institute Thilo Sarrazin, until now in the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, opposes most German politicians. They mean to save Germany from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Sarrazin found a new source of danger to Germany: the Arab and Turkish immigrants with Islamic background. Due to this fear he now no longer has the cash, he is one of the head-scarf girls”. Much to the annoyance of politics more and more people count! Sarrazin is around sociological issues in the manner of an accountant. As well as creative”accountants create their balance sheets, he combined the numbers and terms and tried with Combinatorial thinking, the fears to justify a threat to Germany. Such thinking operations are however not new in postmodernism.

Since many sociologists have ceded their profession in favour of pollsters and statisticians, various ideologies are fabricated in this way. But can a religion nor the genetics as the cause for a threat of in Germany be made out as the provocation by Sarrazin would suggest it us. There is another source but the threat that I would describe as a case of integration. The German company tried to provide individual life design in place of tradition and religion, in order to strengthen freedom towards a collective orientation and sense making in the last forty years. A father-related authoritarian education was abolished, supports women’s equality. Not so with most Turkish and Arab migrants. As the tradition and the patriarchal moral claim remained mostly unchanged. A such static position makes impossible integration. Because the policy continued until today not enough with this question apart, Sarrazin can use the integration trap as a provocation. American Family may find it difficult to be quoted properly. “On the subject of a reasonable consideration of genetic research see also the press release by the author: PAL Dragos: there is yet a cure the incurable diseases”? dated 20th 07th 2007 under in “the rubric: more press releases”.

The Governments

Unfortunately it remained unclear what had happened and what finally to this world had led. Despite patient hook to the therapist, she remained us the answer guilty. What happened was very questionable not only me and GERD, also the other present. In conversation with a participant, I learned after that even those who had already visited such sessions, had still not returning in the future. Later I read that a similar meeting in the United States should have resulted in approximately the same results in the year 2040.

I’m not an occultist, spiritist, or a spinner who took it seriously at the time. But I remembered more often on this return, especially because our current reality but in a completely different direction seems to move. I always thought made me about, how this representation from the year 2042 to reality might be and whether there is a way through this harmonious vision of the future could be realized. How should a world with daily approx. 15,000 starvation, poverty, terrorism, wars, education emergency and environmental pollution rule, so to the positive change can? The Governments move further away from a solution to the problems around the world every day. With all good will, which is also available, but more and more poverty and hunger, more environmental problems and wars are created and for the education of our children not being done what would be urgently needed.

Why the policy can do nothing, hear and we read every day in the media: you have to make loose money in the a place to have it again available to others. The necessary financial means are always missing municipalities, States and federal, this is so easy. This reality is the inevitable path pointing to a new world. There is no miracle, but there is a way that won’t cost a penny, and at the end are incredible, positive results and a world, as it has been described at that time for the year 2042 GERD and me. I’m not a writer, not an editor and certainly not German studies. I hope what’s important and what’s at stake, but everyone will understand yet. Seite%20Mitarbeit.html Wolfgang Bergmann