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We Mobile Prepaid Card For Landline Users

The mobile prepaid card offers a plan with the especially cheap in German landlines can be on the phone. For mobile users, who make calls with their mobile phone in the German fixed network, have a new prepaid discount at exactly the right price we mobile. The mobile prepaid card offers a plan with only 3 cents per minute to German landlines can be on the phone. So that this prepaid card for calls to landlines cheaper than all other mobile discounter. For this special rate must be taken however in buying that conversations in the mobile networks with 12 cents per minute are slightly more expensive than anywhere else. questions.

Cheap prepaid discount stores offer a flat rate, where eight or nine cents per minute in all mobile phone networks and the fixed network can be on the phone. The we mobile prepaid card is especially for those who make more calls in the fixed network as in the different mobile networks. Higher the fixed percentage goes down, the higher the savings over a tariff. Sending an SMS costs when we Mobile also 12 cents in all networks, making this discount is also slightly more expensive than others. It therefore remains the case, that a high proportion of fixed-line phone calls is crucial, with the we to mobile prepaid tariff save. There is however also a second aspect, which we mobile can prepaid card points.

As at other discounters in the E-plus network, the mobile Internet takes just 24 cents per megabyte also when we mobile, cheaper, there’s this from any other provider. The special we are mobile but that this discount store belongs to the WAZ media group and we mobile surf for free to customers with the SIMcard on the mobile portals of this publishing group. So if you have an Internet-enabled mobile phone or Smartphone, sites like m.derwesten.de, m.thueringer-allgemeine.de, mobil.newsclick.de and other portals free of charge and learn so always and everywhere. A newspaper of the WAZ Media Group Subscribers also a bonus, once you recharge your credit balance to at least 15 euro. For each such charge we give customers mobile Additionally 30 free minutes, which can be used for phone calls in all German networks.

The Dialer

In contrast to standard solutions that are available in the respective app stores for downloading, the Dialer app of LMIS AG meets the highest security standards. So the user must verify first themselves by means of authentication, to use the Dialer app. Also offers the mobile application, which is available for iOS – as well as for Android devices, comprehensive options for controlling access by individual rights management. Based on access control lists, the administrator can make the access rights also flexible and open. The Dialer app: The alternative to expensive telephone systems use the Dialer app is very simple thanks to the user-friendly interface: after installation on the Smartphone employee can redirect simply his calls by starting the application on the mobile phone, as soon as he leaves his job. The by the LMIS AG developed app uses a so-called dial-through technique: the staff with his private cell phone makes a call, then the Smartphone asks him whether it is a private or business call. He selects the business call, the call automatically goes to Headquarters, which routes the call with a prefix is accidentally passed to the called party. The business telephone number of the employee now shows the called party, although these calls from the mobile phone.

Vice versa, his cell phone rings, as soon as someone on his office number calls. To ensure a balanced work-life balance and to exclude a constant availability around the clock, the Dialer app supports a time-controlled call forwarding. The calls then go as usual outside the business hours at the company’s headquarters. Conclusion a dialer app ensures an increased availability of the staff. In contrast to the acquisition of a complex phone system a dialer app for companies is a much less expensive and costly solution. A dialer app like that is not in the LMIS AG of an ICT facility, which enables mobile wireless integration, in terms of comfort and safety on the other hand.