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The Model Lexicon

The model lexicon of by vivienne models who want to embark on a modeling career, should always know what is the speech. Here are some important terms. “Sascha Alexander Jessica Babel by the modeling agency model” explains some technical terms from the world of the model, you should know if you want to embark on a modeling career. Agency: The Agency is the alpha and Omega in the model industry. She’s in a contact, organizer and career Planner. An agency aims in particular, to allow the model to serve a broad customer base and maintain while the model is working.

Also deals with the Agency to the processing of invoices, sets prices and researched claims (buyouts). For even more analysis, hear from James A. Levine, M.D.. Overall, it offers the model legal protection and a fast processing of jobs. Agency Commission: The agencies receive a legally fixed Commission. It is composed mostly from a Finder’s fee and a management fee. This is a total nationwide 25%. Should take their money earlier to complete a model as paid by the customer, apply 30% Commission, so 5% surcharge for the pre-financing. This is very cheap compared to an advances at the Bank. Book / portfolio: The book or portfolio is a portfolio with the best publications and prints of shoots to the presentation at customers (auditions / go & Lake).

Every model agency has their own books in the own look and upon entry into a modeling agency you will get one set available. A second, sometimes a third book are equipped in the Agency with copies of your original book, even if the model is on the way with their original, to give insight into the entire work the customer. More recently, there are also so-called Web. Then all the images from the original folder are scanned and packed in a folder on the computer of the Agency, also via mail the customer can quickly have insight into the entire material of the models.


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