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Alcohol And Health

Our people can not imagine a single holiday without a drink. Usually before the libation being said toast. The origin of the word "toast" Linguists can not be determined. Most experts tend to believe that it comes from word "test" – check. Perhaps this is true – check the fortress of the body, which has come down to the third, fifth, tenth toast. There are a lot of toasts from the usual "well, let's go", to fine which described in the literature. Many nations have their national toast.

Russian for "health," Ukrainian "Bud'mo", etc. A great many toasts of the invention required a great number of drinks. (Not to be confused with patrick smith!). How many toasts D. Mendeleyev went through, until the optimal invented vodka, strength of 40 degrees? Under the toasts were born alcoholic cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. A great many recipes for alcoholic beverages of any celebration attracts visitors to bars and restaurants.

The origin of the word "cocktail" as well as the "toast" is disputed. It is evident that these drinks invented in a drunken stupor. About alcoholic cocktails only know that the drink is produced by blending two or more drinks one or more of whom are alcoholic. Many cocktails are available in home cooking. They can entertain guests. Classic alcoholic cocktails usually done on the basis of gin, whiskey or rum. We have recently become popular cocktails based on vodka and tequila. In addition, as an ingredient used liqueurs, honey and milk (or cream), spices, etc. Unlike other mixed drinks recipes cocktails are not taken to indicate the exact number of all components. Lead only to the proportion of major parts (,,, etc.). The volume of one portion of the cocktail, usually no more than 50-100 ml. Usually, in holidays, hold contests with prizes. Interesting can be a game in which you want to come up with a cocktail of existing components. Sometimes it gets really creative cocktails.