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Making Changes In Our Lives

Every human being in some stage of their life, whether by a strong experience or a Oeun awaken from their concienciaa , feels the imperative desire to amend certain aspects of his life. Most often happens that a desire to a cambiar our lives stems from a dissatisfaction personal or professional. In both cases, the prevailing sense of frustration, dissatisfaction or emptiness. For this article has some validity and support experiential, rather than argumentative, I have to talk about my own experience on the attitude of personal change. For this I must confess that the decision to write this article in order to share my ideas, have the noble intention of rethinking on me how I'm doing things: remember that the idea of change is never exhausted, there is always the possibility change something. It also aims to be able to find some elements that will serve to carry out the task of evaluating your next making decision. What is at issue is to share experiences, enrich, improve our quality of life. There is a likelihood that this article will not leave you something interesting.

I mean, perhaps you finish reading the article and do not have any impression, much less learning. I know it can happen. It happened to me with a technical book and after so many years starts to run (I mean the book of NLP). When I was studying in high school, and now I understand that the majority of young people happens, have a sense of anguish and absurdity of life. I was terribly emotionally, I was overwhelmed and could not find the reason why I felt that way. I am concerned that this happens in most young people, but more alarming is that this phenomenon has been trivialized.

Something we do about it. He said that I was really uncomfortable, a vida doliaa me, at least that is expressed at every opportunity he had and truth that was never my intention to appeal to the pity. My mother had a friend who was worried about my case, and in an afternoon of personal anguish, I handed him the book of NLP. Since I always had the habit of reading. The book I read. It interested me, I was excited. I shared it. I felt and knew that I could change your life. The detail was that I did indeed difficult to start the change we wanted. And here I must also comment that we all go through that test of willpower, which, unfortunately in most of the time we are defeated, so the majority of self-help books and courses do not work, that is my thesis : just one so chooses. My life went on. Years passed and I do not remember why the faculty of philosophy back to reading the book. It was comprensiblea a rize, however, did not change my life as a backdrop, only acquired knowledge. It is not yet psychologically how can we explain the fact aware of something and not being able to efficiently apply to my life. As stated precisely this book: moving from thought to action. A couple of years later I understood and applied knowledge of NLP giving me interesting results. In other people can run some other technique or model. What really matters is to be fully aware that we must be vigilant and find an opportunity to change our lives.