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Latin America

In every end of year celebrations idea we gather with our loved ones, and among the varied and delicious meals, desserts and drinks, finally raise our glass wishing us a better year and above asking to be blessed with health and work. Therefore, for this new year is my desire, trachea to meet everyone nuestrosa nosa dreams of a better job, or to expand and improve we have. And I really hope that the next crisis as mentioned does not pass through our beloved Latin America as a tidal wave of a tsunami, leaving the trail of people without work to increase the amount to already alarming but unfortunately exists. That people can have a job dignoa is a key issue, and gender should be the primary concern of our governments. a While certainly the cruel reality shows us otherwise.

I think one of the most recurring words in the search engines is the word a trabajoa this test done, go to Google and wrote only trabajoa a I just did and the search result is this: a Results 1 – 10 of about 205 million of work. (0.09 seconds) a If! two hundred and five million of points related to that word. In fact work, and this is only one activity more than does the human being within the wide range of activities available. But when work is performed in order to obtain a remuneration, then we are talking about employment. And precisely what I speak, of paying jobs, so when I work I am referring to has to do with the monetary support of an individual. Well, clarified the issue and working as we speak I refer to work in general and not only the possibilities that people seek on the Internet.


I had to fight the urge to slap the shoulder and say, and if, like all at some point in our lives we go through is absolutely quiet Stay esto.a transitorio.a But I felt it would break his heart so let it continue new projects for this year which included remodeling your casa.a I know of his wisdom but just in case I made sure he did not want to paint your walls red or burgundy violent conciso.a Sometimes the initial enthusiasm of first-time housewives is a little exultant and exuberant, so to speak manera.a then I put some poor and elementary notions of feng shui, because after trying to be a housewife full time if there is a little of that ancient but newly discovered Eastern practice in the West, say that the yin and yang are unbalanced and arms. I felt it my duty female colleague and inform them of how to prevent some professional situations that maybe are not taken into account, but that when one makes a mutation of this magnitude, as he tried to do my friend dimension.a charge other words, especially when we do not work out, we take more pecho.a Beyond the relevant measures of our two egos, and no shortage of reasons to hacerlo.a Moreover, because it sobran.a romantically we prepare ourselves to be the perfect housewife, with Cinderella’s slipper including post does not necessarily mean that all members of the house, agree and much less agreeing to the move and share our new deseo.a Marchen carta.a examples to take into account that the male specimens of the house to grab the trash take it to the front door next to the tree or around the Golden world.. .