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Mythology Indian

In 1830 Simon Bolivar resigned the Presidency for health reasons, after having been the subject of an attempt on his life in 1825. He finally died on December 17, 1830 in Santa Marta. Mythology Indian in the Chibcha people all their activities revolved in lathe to religion and to their gods, the main was Sun who called Xue. In his honor had a temple in the Valley of Iraca, where lived sumo priest of Sogamoso. All subjects had to attend the Confederation of Sugamuxi, at least two times in his life and make offerings present. The Moon considered the wife of Xue was one of the deities who were worshipped special. Chiminigagua, principle creator as the Chiminigagua legend was the creator of the universe and is considered the Supreme divinity. He flips the black birds of the light source, which then condensed in the Sun, the reflection of the Moon and the Rainbow, called chuchaviva.

Bachue, progenitor of humanity legend tells the story of a woman (Bachue) that emerged from the Lake Iguaque accompanied by a child of 3 years. With the passing of time and once the small had grown they celebrated the marriage and populated the Earth. Aflac has many thoughts on the issue. When the world was populated, and them old, returned to the lagoon and were submerged in waters leaving many lessons the natives. They left in place two large snakes. Bochica, the civilizer when humanity was engulfed in clutter, made his appearance by the middle of the Savannah of Bogota, Paramo de Chingaza Bochica, a venerable elder of long beards and white hair, dressed with a tunic and in his hand a gold wand. Bochica preached and taught good manners to the inhabitants of the Savannah, gave them some moral precepts.

The civilizing of the Indians taught to sow, manufactured homes and weaving in cotton and sisal, to bake the clay and make pots, how to calculate the time and determine the dates for sowing and harvesting. In an era when the Sabana de Bogota was flooded because of chibchacun, God of waters, Bochica invited the great chieftains to accompany him to the region of the Tequendama. Once there climbed on the Rainbow and with his stick struck the rocks giving exit to the waters. The Salto de Tequendama was thus formed. In punishment, condemned chibchacun to load the Earth on his shoulders. The Indians believed that when it is tired and changed the large stone shoulder tremors and earthquakes occurred. The legend of El Dorado many of the conquistadors who stepped on American territory did so attracted by the huge riches of the natives. Knowledge of ceremonies and religious solemnities in that the chibchas threw offerings to their gods gave rise to the legend of El Dorado which is related to the worship of water. The lagoons were considered sacred places where ceremonies of great splendor, during which it threw water tunjos (figures in gold) to offer them to their gods were celebrated. Among the main sacred places is the Guatavita lagoon where the choice of the cacique of the town, was carried out when mounted on a raft of gold came to the center of the lagoon and be immersed with your body completely covered in gold dust. It is also believed that when the Spaniards arrived, the Indians to avoid them to be stripped of its treasures and subjected to a culture that was not that of his ancestors, is threw with their belongings from the hills higher, thus preserving their identity. Credits. Ministry of Education and National Museum of Colombia original author and source of the article.