Quiet Adventure

I live in Asturias practically continuously for 31 years. Not wanting to go is, I think, more proof of the benefits of this land. The climate is excellent: when, in winter, the rest of Europe or the World Meteorological misfortunes, in Asturias news come to us simply enjoy a not intense cold or rains that never turn into floods; While other areas of Spain and the world suffer suffocating temperatures in the summer months, the Asturian ones enjoy a perfect temperature to enjoy its numerous beaches, mountains, rivers, towns, cities can choose: marked cosmopolitan environment cities which offer countless attractions both how cultural natural (Gijon, Oviedo, Aviles) or endearing villages of a natural greenery that hardly can be found already in any part of the world; Camping in the middle of idyllic environments (Ribadesella) or four-star hotels; sandy beaches or beaches of grass or stone (also a nudist in Gijon); We can visit other regions of Spain in just one hour (for example: Castile and Leon from Oviedo) thanks to the entire series of new roads coming to alleviate the single disadvantage that until now (already fixed also, therefore) possessed the region. I could go on. But I won’t: is better for everyone to discover for himself the inexhaustible wealth of delights that hides the Principality.