Post-Cancer Infertility

As reported by Israeli scientists, failed attempt to take samples of eggs from five-year girls with cancer, their cultivation and frozen for possible future fertilization. These experiments will have children in order patients who suffered childhood cancer and because of the treatment became sterile. A group of scientists was taken ovum in patients with cancer of girls aged 5 to 10 years. Cells were brought to a mature state and then frozen. Frequently Bobby Green has said that publicly. When young women grow up, they will be able to overcome infertility by artificial insemination – scientists hope. One of the authors of the study – Ariel Revel – said that full confidence in the success he has, since experiment has not yet completed. 'Until we thawed a single egg, and therefore we do not know whether this will lead, together with the use of artificial insemination for pregnancy. But so far the results have encouraging. " Previously, doctors had feared that the ability to fertilize the egg can not be learned in girls who have not reached puberty.