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The undesirable effect for the wearer, but there is scientific evidence that it causes more damage to the ear when listening through headphones insertion of other devices because the sound of music comes without barriers to the auditory nerve. How concerned whether or not I have the ear? If you have any suspicion that your hearing has declined is always right to go first to a health professional so that your medical evaluation, however if you have the sensation of hearing a ringing or buzzing in the ears, experience difficulty hearing a conversation, you can not hear the television or stereo volume than others do, if you experience problems with balance or dizziness, you probably have some kind of hearing problem. “I can recover from hearing loss if I listen to music at an appropriate level from now? Hearing loss which occurs when the auditory nerve is damaged by age, noise, illness, injury, infection, among other causes usually can not be reversed as the cells of the inner ear do not regenerate over time. We believe that the discomfort we feel in our ears is temporary and will pass after a little time and may in fact be that this happens, however do not forget that if we persist in listening to music at a volume that is not appropriate, very will soon have to regret the damage to our ears. Take care and enjoy the most of your music but please do so in the appropriate volume. .