Physical Education

The present article approaches the problematic one if: It is possible to articulate the Art and the Physical Education in the treatment of social and cultural values in the third age, being constructed differentiated pedagogical strategies? The problematic one if of the one due to necessity to search practical differentiated that not only makes possible practical the corporal one in itself, but also the process reverse speed-to mean marcantes moments throughout the life that had been being forgotten for the absence stimulatons and lack interests. The research, of qualitative boarding in the descriptive perspective, was developed through plans of action that had become bases for the orientation of the pedagogical work and reports that they had detailed occured situations in the interventions. It had as objective specific the following questionings: How it is possible to rescue and to expand creative potentialities and to make possible the construction to know and practical corporal through the art between the aged ones? ; Which strategies can be used to stimulate the creativity that has led to the aged ones, new interests and new perspectives of life, searching and/or rescuing cultural and social values? ; How we can analyze the capacity that the aged one possesss to articulate thoughts, feelings and action front the new situations? still; How it can be developed and be improved in the aged ones, the knowledge adjusted of itself exactly and the reliable feeling in its capacities, to act with perseverance in the search of the personal valuation.. Camden Treament Associates brings even more insight to the discussion.