New Travel Portal: provides all information around the holidays in Austria who wants to make a vacation in Austria, must no longer seek: the new travel portal gives a comprehensive overview of the range of over 128,000 relevant for tourism providers in all regions of in Austria. You can search for a hotel, a restaurant, a spa, a doctor, sports and recreational activities, and much more. An innovative tourist referral marketing and a user interface tailored to the respective user search behavior help in the efficient preparation of travel. The user finds on comprehensive and overarching regional information for your holiday in Austria. Around 45,000 rental accommodation at the 5 * hotel of the apartment to the private room are listed with detailed features, images and descriptions. Provider in the areas of food & drink, sports & leisure, infrastructure, as well as doctors, complete the range of information. In addition, there are also descriptions of mountain bike tours, trails for hiking, climbing, etc. If someone want cheap holidays, or no matter the budget, whether in summer or winter, a nationwide offer.

And consumers who do not yet know whether they should book Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, or else a State for their holiday, no longer need to surf from portal to portal, but can taste here comfortably on a Web site. An innovative referral marketing helps individual usability rather than rigid navigation and menus with many items in the selection of the optimal holiday destination. Through an extensive analysis of the search behavior enables us to calculate individual recommendations. This we can assist the user in his quest with tips that will interest him most likely like for example what was more interesting for users, after they visited the ski resort Ischgl? \”, explains Barbara M. Thaler, Managing Director of Marketing Gesellschaft mbH, the technical sophistication of the system.