Nail Polish Over The Course Of Time

When you wore the first time colored nails and since when is there artificial fingernails? Around 3000 BC, they painted the nails of the hands and feet with henna. There was even a kind manicure box. One preferred artificial finger nails out of fine porcelain powder to Cleopatra’s times as they carried from the 13th century also Chinese the upper strata of society. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. The artificial nails were a sign that you had it not necessary with the hands to work. In the 19th century treating the cuticles with acid, which was quite troublesome. Also the then reigning King Louis-Philippe felt so. Therefore invented his doctor, Dr. Tony Mandarich has compatible beliefs. Sitts, the still common method with soft wooden stick, preferably Orange wood.

The first nail came on the market in about 1925 and is dropped as a byproduct of the development of automotive coatings. It was translucent and soft pink. It was a forerunner of the popular French manicure in the 1930ger years. You the paint wore on only on the center of the nail, the Crescent and the tip have been omitted, accordingly called the whole moon manicure. The Filmdiven this time made this style to the trend. In 1932, there was the first red, opaque Nail Polish. “The company Revlon ravaged with names like stormy pink’ and cherries in the snow” the market.

Lappe conducted what should prevent originally only nail-biting, in 1934, Dr., to the invention of the artificial acrylic nails. Since 1980, there are artificial nails also made out of fibreglass and gel. Meanwhile, there are nail polishes and styling in all imaginable colours and shapes. Black, nude, and neon colors with glitter or without. Simply painted or colored nails painted with motifs or ornaments are possible. You can contribute both gold and silver jewellery and sometimes the nails are even jewelry enough. By the way, in 1994 there were the first sold out Nail Polish. Rouge Noir”by Chanel was fiction by Uma Thurman in the film pulp” so popular that he was worldwide sold out in no time.