Medical Research Technology

This proven medical research technology to avoid mistakes and no doubt this bike will satisfy the most demanding person, fully justifying its price. Twin brother of the above model, a more expensive exercise bike Kettler Golf E for the external identity of super-modern, sleek design is a new step in the development of simulators. It has an electromagnetic system load includes 30 levels continuously variable load, independent of pedaling. This masterpiece of hi-tech technology is perfect, not only in the mechanical part, but also has a multi-purpose computer with a wide display, which the user can see a graphical representation of load profile, in addition to the above standard training parameters, programmed parameters and fitness assessment. For those who are not used to save on their own health, but is looking for "middle ground" in the price / quality ratio among the widest range of bikes Kettler, the best choice – Kettler Stratos GT. This handsome white so fascinated with its stylish design and an array opportunities as confident of the month – a month, remains one of the best sellers among simulators Kettler.

The magnetic loading system, adjustable seat vertically and horizontally, low frame for comfortable fit and, of course, computer with a large LCD display and electronics Siemens. The computer supports all the standard features, plus the ability to save the settings, training for up to 4 users. All this – the fruit of years of development engineers Kettler, who found the perfect embodiment of this model. But the company Kettler would not have been world-renowned and respected leader in his field, if stopped on the progress achieved in the production of high quality simulators. Developing new models and bringing to perfection the existing models of exercise bikes, the company has developed a new type of single bikes – ergometers, the load which is measured in watts, that significantly changes the nature of training and increases their effectiveness. .